The Beginning of the End

Ah, the beginning of my thesis. The apex of my work in school. The culmination of my years here. It’s almost poetic until I consider that this may also be my most stressful project I have to complete here. But hopefully with good planning, pre-visualization, and organization it won’t have to be.

For the record, I am a 3D Digital Design Major. So I do things like create 3D models, texture them, and do other things like lighting the scene.

Of course, I haven’t decided on a final theme or project to complete as my thesis. I only have two ideas so far and the next posts will detail them in their own greater detail. Picking the right project to do is just as important as how you execute it.

This blog should serve as a record of my progress. My successes and failures. It may also serve as a list of things to do, an organizational tool. Who knows? I don’t, but I’m sure that I’ll be finding out really soon.


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