Digging Deeper

So yesterday was the first day where we went over some of the ideas people had for their thesis myself included. We only managed to cover my third idea, the realistic interior scenes, but we spent 30 minutes of the hour long class talking about the it.

Well, strictly speaking we didn’t talk about the idea for 30 minutes, but we talked about the really specific things. For example we talked about what realism actually meant on a base level. What was the difference between photo-realism and realism? What do we quantify as real? What defines the very base things we say in everyday life? Words like ‘chair’ and ‘table’ are just words. But we have attached preconceptions to them and as a society, have a mostly unified idea of what each of the words represent.

And we took it further. What about the way colors and pixels are represented on the screen? There are different color formats that exist that have their own parameters and limits to what colors they can show. There is even a color format, Rec 2020, that won’t be able to be shown completely on most monitors because the technology in the monitors themselves isn’t advanced enough to show all of the colors contained within Rec 2020. So even with Rec 2020, possibly the most expansive color format, can I attain true ‘realism’ with my thesis?

Even in my previous ideas I used terms like ‘high quality’ and ‘dream-like realism’ without really digging down and getting the specifics of what I meant by them. So these next couple of posts will expansions and include Part 3. I’m really going to get digging and find the core of what I want to show with each of these ideas.


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