Thesis Idea 3A

Part 1

My thesis will be a series of images of interior environments that will be so believable that they will be indistinguishable from real photos.

Part 2

My thesis will be a series of interior environments. The goal here is to try and achieve the greatest level of realism as possible. To do so will involve research into the math behind how different materials interact with light and also exploration into different rendering methods. Models will be kept primarily simple so there is more time and effort placed on the materials, textures, and lights.

The primary programs that will be used are Maya and Photoshop. Possibly Unreal.

Part 3

What is truly real? This is an examination that has occurred before and the result was the now famous line “I think therefore I am.” said by Descartes. But the conclusion was not reached in a satisfactory sense. It was instead a exasperated phrase because one could always doubt the truth that they or others had observed. Are we real or just a simulation? If we were a simulation how would we even know that we were one? And have we reached a point where the even our own simulations can match reality? That is what my thesis’ goal is, to make people question just what is truly, physically, real, and if digital “imitations” are just as valid and important. The answers to this question could have far reaching affects. After all, if a fake reality holds as much importance and is as significance as the real world, then how much is the real world actually worth?


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