The Tiny Spark that Lights a New Way

And is it worth following?

These past few days I’ve been thinking about what I should do for my thesis. I’ve been narrowing down the ideas, becoming more critical of them and analyzing the skills, programs, and research needed to do them. For the record, I’ve grown to dislike my Monster Extravaganza idea. It now seems to shallow and it is hard to find originality within the context of the game Monster Hunter.

But this post isn’t really about that. Rather, I want to detail an experience I had working on concept art for another class. I was working on a chair, sci-fi in style. It had been rejected so I came back to it. Gleaning from more references I began to draw. Now one of them had a unique looking back so I initially thought that I would take that element and try to integrate it.

The Reference

But after drawing the back part for a couple seconds, there was a tiny spark in my brain. The thought was this simple. “That looks like a spine”. That single thought changed the entire chair. Because now I was no longer doing something that had been done a million times before, but now I had taken a mere though, and explored the possibilities in my head. The rest of the concept flowed out so smoothly and easily. Everything about it felt natural. It felt original, new, and was mine. The result was the “Dead Chair”.

I admit that this is the… classiest idea nor is it prim and proper. (I tend to do a project like this maybe once a year.) But what is really impressive to me is that this entire concept and idea, was the result of a single thought. And I let that thought lead me down an unexpected path and came back with something completely new and different.

But to take the thought further, would this work within the context of a thesis? For a single simple project, which is to create a single model, this kind of moment can produce something exceptional. But within a thesis, which involves a multitude of processes, ideas, plans, and executions, how useful would this spark be?


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