The Matrix: Overview

So as a part of my thesis idea exploration I have to think critically about my thesis on multiple levels. How much will I have to learn? What kind of scope can I get away with given my limited amount of time? What programs will I be using?

But as a part of that critical thinking there is something called the Matrix. It is basically three questions that must be answered within three different contexts. Meaning that by the end there will be nine different responses and the thought is that going through this exercise can help weed out bad projects and give an idea on the strengths and weaknesses of the good projects.

The Three Questions are:

Who has done this before?

How have they done it?

How is yours different?


And the Three Contexts are:



and Narrative


So the next couple of posts will be each of my thesis ideas put against this exercise. I have my suspicions about how each of the projects will do, but I’ll leave it to the posts to detail that themselves.


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