Idea A Storyboard and Tentative Asset list

This post contains a very rough storyboard that even uses some images as well as a list that might be used for the project.


Asset List

Dark Landscape

Hooded Figure, Rigged,

If Roman Battlefield:

Roman Soldier: Rigged, also requires Helm, Spear, Shield, and Armor.

Horses possibly

If Roman City:

Roman Citizens: Rigged, random articles and objects.

Buildings: Pantheon, Colosseum, Constantine’s Arch



Space Station

Space Ships

If Fantasy Battlefield:

Human soldier: Rigged, also requires Helm, Sword, Shield, and Armor.

Demi-human race (orc, elf, goblin, etc): Rigged, also requires Helm, Weapon, Shield (where applicable), and Armor.

If Fantasy City or Other Scene:

Fantasy Buildings: In line with whatever group is being presented so elves would have more smooth architecture.

Trees and plants where applicable.

If close enough, human/demi-human models.


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