The Prophet

Although I don’t have any pictures, I would like to briefly talk about my progress on my thesis. I did create a playable map in Unreal Engine that helped with the sense of scale and helped figure out some of the smaller details of the architecture. Proceeding to Maya, I created the overall structure of the museum and began work on the columns. The main column itself is complete, but I attempted to create the Corinthian decorative motif at the top which remains unfinished and difficult to complete. I moved on from there hoping to take a break. And now I reach the fun part.

My museum will contain around 17 different pieces and I’ve begun to work on at least two of them, the Prophet and the Beast. The beast is still in early development with only a basic sketch to prove it exists but the Prophet has had more work put into it even though it hasn’t left the conceptualization stage. Originally, it was going to be much more of a mechanical, abstract figure that could have been the centerpiece of the museum. However, as I sketched it shifted into a much more traditional, but still fantastical concept with a human body and wings much like an angel. Hopefully, sometime tomorrow I will be able to upload pictures of my work but it is currently 12:30 so I really should be going to bed.

Ah, the things we do for thesis.


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