The Shard, and a count-off.

Although it it currently only in its most primitive form of a basic sketch, I would like to introduce the concept of the Shard. It will be a crystalline structure that doesn’t have a lot of emphasis on modeling because of its structure, but rather will be a show of my skills with materials and textures. There is room for expansion on this idea but it nice to have another concept for the 17 pieces nailed down.

Additionally, I’m contemplating bringing in other projects that I’ve done or am doing to be a part of my thesis. It is a little unsettling to me to have them serve a secondary purpose as part of my thesis as I’d rather have my thesis be its own project, but in consideration to time constraints and the effort I’ve put into my other classes, I can make it work. At the very least, they can serve as reliable place-holders that may earn their spot on the pedestals which they’ll be placed on.

Speaking of which, I want to do a recap of what I’ve done and what needs doing. To do that I’m creating a spreadsheet that will detail everything in my scene. projectomegaassetlist

To explain some thing that are on the asset list that haven’t been discussed on my blog. The Knight, Alicorn, City, and Interior are all other projects that I’ve been doing over the course of the semester so I would be bringing them into the thesis in addition to them being work for other classes.

The Bust is a simple idea that I have and want at least one of in my scene. It would be a sculpt of a human face though the exact details elude me currently. I just know that I want at least one of them in the scene.


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