The Common Thread

One thing that I’ve been stuck thinking about is what the purpose of each of the models means to me. Honestly, before I was quite content to create this space and fill it with things that show of my skills. Creations that I could be proud of and put in my demo reel on their own but instead take it to the next level and create a space dedicated to them.

But there’s a conflict there. If the models are there just to look good then they inherently don’t serve a higher purpose and it would be too easy just to plug in my work from my other classes. The other side of the coin here is to try and imbue deep meaning and personalize the different objects to obtain that deeper level of thought. Though while this argument makes perfect sense on the creative side of things. It doesn’t seem like the thought process takes into account the amount of time this method would take. I don’t want to take the middle road and end up with something sloppy. Additionally, if we consider the middle road to be the integration of outside classwork, then that idea runs into the problem that only one of my classes really fits into creating things that I want to create. And even then, the possibilities haven’t lined up with any of my proposed ideas thus far. This is on top of the problem that the projects I created in my other classes weren’t intended to be in my thesis and so don’t have that deeper level of thought behind them.

It really is a downer, the prevailing thought is that I just don’t have the time to give each class the time and effort they deserve to get the level of quality I want out of them.

I think… I’m just going to do it. I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and put all of my passion into these projects and then some more. After recovering from a sickness, I’d rather not fall ill again. Maybe it is time to think about those different sleep cycles.


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