For lack of a better term, Update 11/3/2016

So there is quite a bit to show and talk about this time around. The easiest starting point would be the critiques that I received when I showed a lot of other people my work. The most prevelant opinions were those of scoping the project down (or being open to the idea or sacrificing quality for quantity) as well as a desire for backstory or a common theme that ties the models together. Other suggestions included some smaller ideas and technical suggestions like having each model be on an individual turntable when put into my portfolio or using the sequencer to help make the rendering process easier.

Additionally, the museum’s modeling is complete except for a few minor adjustments.

I am going to take some advice and instance the top part of my Corinthian columns. That should help reduce some strain and help the rest of the project run smoothly.

Additionally, I completed a playblast of basic camera moves. Though I cannot upload that to WordPress without upgrading, I have posted it to Youtube here,

A second playblast with the updated assets is sure to follow shortly.


Moving on, I have completed a shaded sketch of one of my models. Othrographic views are next in the pipeline, but the core idea is now complete.

I have also started working in Mudbox as part of my research. Here is a bit of my work.

The second image was actually aimed to be an incredibly rough prototype of my completed concept art however it has begun going in its own direction so it could accompany the concept. The first image is of a copyrighted monster insect from the series Monster Hunter but I had made the model and thought it would be useful nonetheless to experiment with Mudbox.

With regards to Mudbox experimentation I have run into a bit of a problem with the program’s capacity to undo the previous command and not crash as a result. I have contemplated switching to Zbrush but for now I think the more intuitive UI is a much better starting point though if problems persist I wouldn’t be surprised if I switched to Zbrush.



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