Moving Forward with Trepidation

As I begin to move forward with my concepts into my final semester at college, I should review what final changes I’ve made to my game plan along with what it is.

First, there is no longer going to be three separate statues. In my experimentation over the winter vacation I found that there was the difficulty of trying to get all three statues framed in such a way as to create a pleasing composition. Additionally, there were some problems with creating a unified and holistic piece using three separate statues. The Prophet in particular had a much more technological twist which stood out against the beast and the mage with their more organic and flowing forms.

The solution for this is to combine them into a single statue with all of them posed together. This solves the camera issue and simplifies the church lighting and Romanesque architecture involved. However, they will still be sculpted separately in Zbrush. The Prophet’s design is changed to help unify all of the model and not stand out in a detrimental way. However, since the Prophet was also where hard surface sculpting was the focus, there are parallel elements such as armor plating in the redesign.

There is one thing that has surprised me and I’m unsure as to whether it is a good thing or not? I have never done sculpting before so my timeline was incredibly tentative but it might be far farther off than I expected. I was able to complete this depiction of Jormungandr within a 12 hour time-frame and the actual time working was closer to nine or eight hours. 16195656_10212506586046077_3603430760503024542_n

While this tentatively can be interpreted that my thesis will take less time than expected. Another model that I completed as a test also took a day and that included texturing it in Substance Painter. So as I move forwards with the beginnings of the Mage tomorrow, I am curious to see how long the whole process will take.





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