It’s been a while.

With both of my other classes out of the way I can now fully concentrate on rounding out my thesis. The camera moves are more or less set and I’ve received plenty of feedback on them. But with my actual sculpt still needing some work that’s what I’ve focused on.

This time around I fixed up a couple things. I’ve reworked the mage to look better (adding a pouch) and have substantially less geometry. Before, the woman had geometry inside of her and overall had a lot excess polys. But where before she was closing in on 2 million, she now has around 400k.

I also added in some interaction between the people and the ground. (Not the beast yet.) It’s a little rough, but once I refine the rock and properly project it, I’m confident the result will look good.


I also ran a keyshot test to see how long a render will take. Using the maximum samples this frame took less than 10 seconds.untitled.180

And this one took only 34 seconds. If these numbers hold true then my final render times shouldn’t be terribly length and I will be able to comfortably set up renders. untitled.182


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